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Tibet Permit

General Introduction

Tibet permit is an official document issued for the protection of Tibetan tradition, Tibetan cultural heritage, and environment as the short of transportation condition and reception capacity. It is not a Visa, but gets similar function of a Visa.

Who needs the permit ?

1. It is issued to foreign travelers who want to travel in Tibet, excluding Diplomats, Journalists, Government Officials. There are three kinds of permits, Tibet Entry Permit (TTB permit), Alien's Travel Permit (PSB permit) and Military Permit. Foreign travelers have to apply for different permits based on the areas you want to visit. For example, you only need to apply for the TTB permit if you stay in Lhasa city. If you want to go further across Shigatse to Zhangmu, you have to apply for both TTB permit & PSB permit. All 3 kinds of permits are required if you want to visit EBC, Nyingchi, etc.

2. Customers who hold the passport of Taiwan of China also need the permit to Tibet.

What is the permit ?

1.Tibet Entry Permit(TTB permit)         

It is also called TTB permit, issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. You need it to enter Tibet. The TTB permit is necessary if you want to buy a flight/train ticket to Lhasa, and it is also the requirement to help you to stay in Lhasa. The TTB permits are also needed by groups,who are traveling by Land Cruiser. But this will be arranged by the travel agency who organizing the trip.

All the place in Tibet need the entry permit .

See the picture of TTB on the right.--->

2. Alien's Travel Permit(PSB permit)     

It is also called PSB Permit, it is issued by People's Security Bureau. If you want to go further to the "unopened" areas, you will need an Alien's travel permit issued by PSB of Tibet. As for the updated restrictions, foreign travellers must apply the PSB through the same agency who had helped them to arrange the TTB permit, in case they would like to go further to the unopened area.
We can only arrange your Tibet Travel Permit (Aliens' Travel Permit) after you arrive in Lhasa, because we need your original passport and China visa to arrange it. Please hand your original passport and visa to your guide upon your arrival.     

The following places ask for the travel permit & special travle permit  .

(1). Shannan(Lhokha):  Samye Monastery, Tomb of Tibetan King, Trandruk Monastery, Yumbulakhang

(2). Shigatse:  Sakya Monastery, the Mt. Everest, Rongphu Monastery.

(3). Ngari Region:  such as Mt.Kailash, Lake Manasarovar, Tsaparang, Ali, ect. 

(4). Nyingchi Region:  Such as Basum-tso, Pomi, Rawo-tso, ect.  

(5). Chamdo Region:  Such as Chamdo, Riwoche, Tengchen, ect.  


See the picture of PSB on the right.--->         

3. Military Permit      

It is issued by military affairs office. You need it to pass the check-in when you travel to un-open area such as Mt. Kailash area.

See the picture of Military permit on the right--->

All kinds of people can get Tibet permit through a travel agency except Diplomats, Journalists, and Government Officials who should travel to Tibet under the arrangement by the Foreign Affairs Office of Tibet Government.
Who can arrange the permit ?
The permit for travelling can only be arranged by the international travel agencies or some agency who get the lisence. Please remember the travel agency can only arrange the entry & travel permit for tourists.  Doplomats, journalists, or any other government officials need to contact with Chinese government directly , agency has no authority to arrange the permit for them.
How to get the permit ?

1. Applying permits

Information needed for permits

At the time you book the tour with us, please send us thecopy or scanning of your passport and China visa . 

We need your detail information to arrange your permit, normally we need 15 or 18 days(since 15th April,2013) to arrange your Tibet Entry permits well and it takes 1-2 more days to send it to your last stop before you enter Tibet. in peak season, especially, August, September, it costs you more days.

We can only arrange your Tibet Travel Permit (Aliens' Travel Pemit) after you arrive in Lhasa, because we need your original passport and China visa to arrange it. Please hand your original passport and visa to your guide upon your arrival.

Please download and fill in  the application form and E-mail it to us at  or Fax it to us at+86-28-85531566as well as the required documents (Copy or photocopy of your Visa and the front page of passport).


1. Generally it takes 15 -20days to get the Tibet permit if you could supply the full necessary documents. After having a permit, a travel agency could buy you the air tickets, and you can pass the check-in at the airport.

2. The following details of the travelers are required for Permit: name, nationality, passport number, gender, date of birth and occupation.

3. If you do not book any tour (Like Land cruiser with driver, guide ) from us, we can not help you get the permits.No travel agency can provide "permit-only" service.  All the permits can only be arranged by the travle agency, and  travle agency have no rights to arrange the permit only , the permit can only be arranged in condition of join the tour .

4. Only the guide could hold the permit after you in Tibet. You are not allowed to bring with it and travel to anywhere you want because except Lhasa you need another permit named as "Aliens Travel Permit". Otherwise if you are stopped by the police you will be sent out of Tibet or have trouble politically and economically. Furthermore, the travel agency which helped to get you the permit will also be in trouble.

5. If you are coming to Lhasa from Kathmandu, you'd better get China visa from Kathmandu because no matter you've already got the visa in your country or not, you must get a visa in Kathmandu, which is regulated in an official memo between China and Nepal.

6. If the Tibet authority refuses to issue the Tibet entry permit because of tourists themselves' reasons, we won't be responsible for it.

Types of China Visa

There are nine types of China visa, which falls into two categories, namely, ordinary and diplomatic visa. The Ordinary visa consists of eight types, which are respectively marked with Chinese phonetic letters F, L, Z, X, C, J-1, J-2, G, and D.

L Visa = Tourist visa

Issued to foreigners who enter China temporarily for touring, family visiting or other personal affairs. Single-entry, double-entry tourist visa are available. The maximum stay in China for each entry is 30 days. Multiple-entry is not granted for tourist visa.

No visa is required for those foreigners who travel to Hong Kong and Macao Only. For those who would like to travel to Tibet, an approval notice from China Tibet Tourism Bureau is required to apply tourist visa. Telephone number of China Tibet Tourism Bureau: 86-891-6834313. fax number: 86-891-6834632.

F Visa = Business/Visit Visa

Issued to foreigners who are invited to China for business visit, research, lecture, scientific-technological and cultural exchanges. Single-entry, double-entry, 6-month-multiple-entry, one-year-multiple-entry business visa are available. The maximum stay in China for each entry is 30 days.

Z Visa = Work Visa

Issued to foreigners who are to take up a post or employment in China, and their accompanying family members.

X Visa = Student Visa

Issued to foreigners who come to China for study or intern practice for a period of six months or above.

C Visa = Crewmember Visa

Issued to crewmembers on international aviation, navigation and land transportation missions and their accompanying family members.

J Visa = Journalist Visa

J-1 visa issued to foreign journalists who are posted to China for at least one year.
J-2 visa issued to foreign journalists who are on temporary interview mission in China.

G Visa = Transit Visa

Issued to foreigners who transit through China.

D Visa = Residence Visa

Issued to foreigners who are going to live in China permanently.

Diplomatic and Service Visa

Issued to the foreign government officials and the staff of diplomatic missions and of the United Nations who travel to China for official mission or accreditation.

Once you decide to let us arrange the permit and tour for you, please download the agreement ,sign it and send back to us .

Download the agreement here:    agreement.doc