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The traditional Shoton Festival starts in Lhasa

Time: 8/21/2017

Shoton Festival,also known as the Yogurt Banquet Festival, is a week-long gala held since the 11th century,the modern festival includes Tibetan opera performances, forums, painting and photography shows that also promote tourism.
Shoton Festival holds on 30th of the sixth Tibetan month every year in Drepung Monastery,in year 2017,this festival begins from August.21st,will last for a whole week.
Early in the morning,there are 'Cham' dances and the grand thangka,a Tibetan Buddhist painting on cotton or silk,is unveiled in Drepung Monastery. After devoutly viewing the thangka, the people go onto Norbulingka and other popular spots for a lingka (picnic).

 'Shoton' is also known as the 'Tibetan Opera Festival' due to the competitive performances of Ache Lhamo (Tibetan Opera) that are held at Norbulingka. It is the opera festival and the greatest festivals in Tibet. In ancient times pious folks went into mountain hermitages for penance, and on the last day of which Yoghurt was served for meal followed by entertainment of folk songs and dances.

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