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Mt. Everest

It is interesting to know that the tibetans don¡¯t name this peak Mount Everest (named by the British after George Everest), but instead they have their own name, they call it "Mt. Qomolungma" which literally means "The Third Goddess". Located in bordering areas with Nepal in Tingri County, it is 8,848.13 meters high, the tallest mountain in the world. In the area of 5,000 square kilometers around the mountain, there are four peaks being more than 8,000 meters high and 38 peaks being more than 7,000 meters high,Thus it is reputed as the Third Pole on the Earth. The flora and fauna is poor on this mount, because of its high altitude. Some species of birds have benn seen here, as for example the Bar-headed Goose and Chough.

At the foot of Mt. Qomolungma or 40 kilometers away stands the Rongpu Monastery, with the highest elevation in the world. The monastery has become a camp of mountaineers form northern slope to Mt. Qomolungma. On the northern slope of the peak there are 217 glaciers with the Rongpu Glacier being the largest.

It can be reached by taking a bus in Lhasa to pass through Gyangze, Shigatse, Lhatse and New Tingri before reaching the northern foot of Mt. Qomolungma. The charge for each bus is 400-600 yuan and 180 yuan per person. You can not miss it when your Tibet travelling is along China-Nepal friendship Hwy.

The main entrance fee: RMB180/pp

Open time :All year round 


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